Exclusive, modern design made from Magnailium.  An alloy especially developed for Picquot Tableware which: is polished (not plated), is cast in one piece to ensure no leaks occur around the spout, is especially designed spouts for smooth non-drip pouring, is machined and has milled lid hinges for perfect fit and can be rejuvenated after many years use.

The designs have heat resisted handles made of sycamore wood and trays have heat resistant wareite centres. Any piece may be bought separately.Kettle

If you require further information about any of our Picquotware range or have an order you can e-mail us at: info@picquotware.co.uk or use the contact form

Factory call  : 01294 835789 please leave a message with you name and phone number if no answer as it is very noisy and I  do not always hear the phone ring.