UPDATE: Picquotware is in financial difficulties at the moment and I am locked out of the factory. A official receiver will be appointed to sort out customers that have paid for orders or refurbishment and not received them. The receiver will contact them as soon as possible.  At this time I do not know if they will let the business keep trading.
Kind regards: Paul, Owner Picquotware UK
Exclusive, modern design made from Magnailium.  An alloy especially developed for Picquot Tableware which: is polished (not plated), is cast in one piece to ensure no leaks occur around the spout, is especially designed spouts for smooth non-drip pouring, is machined and has milled lid hinges for perfect fit and can be rejuvenated after many years use.

The designs have heat resisted handles made of sycamore wood and trays have heat resistant wareite centres. Any piece may be bought separately.Kettle